Tiempo Muerto

Tiempo Muerto (Dead Time) is an editorial project by Juan Pablo Macías made in collaboration with Zirkumflex.

The publication is serving as a platform for pondering on the relation between art and anarchism; as a retrospective survey of the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (one of the main anarchist resources in Mexico) and the events generated around its eviction in 2009; and to serve as a statement and record for writing down the economical strategies which are in operation since 2010 with the aim of buying a house to host this library in Mexico City.

This editorial activity is accompanied by diverse outputs in the form of art works, like documented situations, performances, installations, etc. The design takes inspiration from both traditional and venerable prints as XIX centurury publishing, early XX century newspaper or 70’ punk fanzines.

Tiempo Muerto #5

Tiempo Muerto #5 redirects it’s gaze to the face of this living spontaneity manifest in maize and libertarian seeds.

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Authors Anuschka van´t Hooft, Alfredo Zepeda, Kiado Cruz, Floriberto Díaz Gómez, Benjamín Maldonado Alvarado, Alfonso Torúa Cienfuegos, Juan Carlos Beas, Manuel Ballesteros, Voltairine de Cleyre
Translations Rodrigo J Villasmil, Yu Hsiao-hwei
Visual content
Juan Pablo Macías stills from “Museum pieces, a 6000 year-old corn fossil, two agronomists and a geneticist,” 2018
Cover Juan Pablo Macías “Teocintle, the transformation of matter involves sharing,” 2018

Printed in May 2018, China
Produced by The Second Yinchuan Biennale:
Starting from the Desert. Ecologies on the Edge. Curated by Marco Scotini
With the support of Collezione La Gaia

Languages: English / Chinese

Tiempo Muerto #4

Tiempo Muerto #4 is a recollection of old and less older texts that treat the agricultural aspect of our society from an anarchist perspective.

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Editor: Juan Pablo Macías
Authors: Lucia Giardino, Étienne de la Boétie, Murray Bookchin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Giuseppe, Petr
Kropotkin, Paul Lafargue, Juan Pablo Macías, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Henry David Thoreau, John Zerzan
Graphic project Zirkumflex
Cover Jean-François Millet, “L’Angelus” 1859
Printed in August 2015 Zakład Poligraficzny Spręcograf s.c., Poland
Produced by GuilmiArtProject with the support of Angeles Alonso Espinosa

Languages: English / French

Tiempo Muerto #4 - 2015

Tiempo Muerto #2 Supplement

Photographic documentation of an utopian colony, founded in the north of Mexico at the end of the nineteenth century.

Printed in May 2013

Tiempo Muerto #2 - Suplement

Tiempo Muerto #2

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Editor: Juan Pablo Macías
Authors: José Juan Barba, Emily Barsi, Guy Debord, Ricardo Flores Magón, Enrique G. Gallegos, Mario Gill, Juan Pablo Macías, José Rodrigues Leite e Oiticica, Albert Kimsey Owen, Benjamin Ricketson Tucker
Cover: Gustave Courbet Pierre-Joseph Proudhon et ses Enfants 1853
Graphic project: Brice Delarue, Valentine Antenni.
Publisher: Juan Pablo Macías, tranzitdisplay
Printed 2013 Tipografia Debatte, Livorno, Italia
Languages: English / Spanish / Czech

Tiempo Muerto #2

Tiempo Muerto #3

One of the main tensions that are at the basis of this issue has to do with the conflictive relation between power knowledge and insurrectional knowledge.

It articulates our cultural, political and economical realities, and that displays a form of knowledge that merely or exclusively establishes the basic tables to insert the labor division in society.

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Editor: Juan Pablo Macías
Authors: Étienne de la Boétie, Braulio Hornedo Rocha, Friedrich Nietzsche, Henry David Thoreau, The Un-named.
Graphic project: Romain Sanna, Brice Delarue
Cover: Juan Pablo Macías Useless becomes the un-imaged 2013
Printed in November 2013
Languages: English / Spanish

Tiempo Muerto #1

TIEMPO MUERTO #1 pays homage to Ricardo Mestre Ventura, founder of the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir.
This issue puts together interviews, conversations and stories written by friends and colleagues who knew him personally and not.

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Authors: Emily Barsi, Michel Blancsubé, Adolfo Castañón, Alain Derbez, Marianne Enckell, Braulio Hornedo Rocha, Juan Pablo Macías, Jorge Rodríguez, Ramón Salaberria, Enrique Sandoval, Gabriel Zaid.
Photo credit: el Hijo del Ahuizote
Illustrations: Virassamy
Lay-out: Valère Mougeot
Cover: Oliverio Martínez (México, 1903) Cortesía Centro Documental Flores Magón A.C.

Languages: English / Spanish


Tiempo Muerto #1
Tiempo Muerto #1

Tiempo Muerto #0

TIEMPO MUERTO #0 is a transcription of an anarchist encounter organized in the summer of 2010: Anarchist movement in Mexico and the public and private documental records.

The speakers presented different projects relating to their collectives, federations, social centers, historical researches, and the relation between institutionalized history and social movements, between power/knowledge and insurrectional/knowledge.

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Tiempo Muerto #0, February 2012
Speakers: José Luis Barrios, Iván Denisovich, Diego Flores Magón, Enrique, Tobi and Rubén Trejo
Illustrations: Raissa Pardini
Photographs: Juan Pablo Macías
Languages: English / Spanish
Cover: Juan Pablo Macías. BSR, 12th November 2009. Photographic documentation of an anarchist library seven months after its eviction.

Tiempo Muerto #0