Broka Billy

Art direction and editorial concept: Zirkumflex & Grems
Illustrations: Miki Grems
Photographs: Mamzelle & Maviou, Noor, Claire Augustyniak & Ilk, Etienne Angot, Libertée Guillot-Sestier, Brice Dellastrada, Miki Grems, Albert Jack, Lucy Dodd, et les photos données par les artistes
Texts: Delphine le Goff, Michael Eveno, Janet Vice & the guest artists©

Edition Populaire , 2010
15,3 × 21,5 cm
128 p + CD

17 tracks and 17 chapters wherein broken beat music meets the wild world of Grems.

Broka billy is a book, Broka Billy is an album, Broka Billy is a release of the French multi-skills artist Grems.
We transcribed his fizzing mind into an editorial product.
Every chapter of the book is a visual story telling – mixing spray, performance, illustration and photography – of each track. The book is going along with the CD.

"Broka Billy" by Grems, 2010.