Take One Flyer / Methaphorai

Curator : Katia Anguelova & Alessandra Poggianti
Design : Valère Mougeot & Brice Delarue

“Take one flyer” is an urban intervention that is part of Methaphorai exhibition’s visual communication strategy. The messages, marks and writings that people leave in the public space are perceptible accounts of everyday stories. They are above all testimonies to a plurality of expressions and a variety of forms that emerge in the public space. The intervention uses the vernacular codes of the street flyers (‘take one’ flyer) to disseminate fragments of information through the city. By blending into the hubbub of existing visual narratives, this informal communication becomes a vehicle of interactions with an inquisitive public. About forty different patterns have been photocopied on hundreds of colored pieces of paper stuck on to buildings in Plovdiv. Sometimes these “take one” flyer were informative, other times enigmatic – referring to the work of an artist participating in Metaphorai – or disruptive – resulting from sentences heard during our trip to Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

Metaphorai is an exhibition that consists of 14 different narrations articulated within the spaces of Plovdiv’s Old Turkish Bath. Following Michel de Certeau, each of these narrations, which we may call ‘metaphors’, arise out of those places we traverse, organize, select and connect every day, creating sentences and itineraries that work as signs for spatial displacements of many kinds – from syntactic and semantic to pragmatic ones.

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