Why Here ? / Practically Pinnacle

Interlaced booklets.

The publications Why here? and Practically Pinnacle document installations by Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham made in Livorno (Italy). They consist of two booklets tied with a colored ribbon.

A project of Maria Theresa Alves and Jimmie Durham
Curated by Carico Massimo
Design: Brice Delarue & Valère Mougeot

230×161 mm,
Printed in Italy by Debatte Livorno
Edition: 300

Pratically Pinnacle, Jimmie Duhram

Eastanbul Westanbul

Visual poetry of encounters between cultures and languages

by Babi Badalov

The book documents the exhibition held at Carico Massimo in July 2015.

Publishing project: Carico Massimo
Editorial design: Zirkumflex
Photos: Juan Pablo Macìas
Printed in 500 copies, August 2016 Debatte (Italy)

Il Nodo di Livorno

The Knot of Leghorn.

Il Nodo di Livorno is an exhibition catalog designed as a part of the homonymous exhibition by Jean-Luc Moulène and curated by Michel Blancsubé, September 10-October 31, 2016, Livorno, Italy.

Exhibition and Publishing project Carico Massimo
Editorial Concept & Graphic Design Zirkumflex
Publisher Carico Massimo, Debatte Editore
Printed in Offset tritone on Munken Print paper, September 2016, by Debatte Typography.
230×161 mm
Italian / English / French
Edition: 500 copies

Maria Thereza Alves - Why here? / Jimmie Durham - Practically Pinnacle

Friday, 1 July from 7 pm.

Zirkumflex hosted a friendly meeting with the artists Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham to celebrate the release of the publications Why here? and Practically Pinnacle about the installations they have made in Livorno (Italy) in November / December of 2015.

Maria Thereza Alves & Jimmie Durham

Maria Thereza Alves, artist from Sao Polo.
Jimmie Durham, artist, poet, writer and political activist from USA

Maria Thereza Alves made Why here?. She worked about art and ecology, presenting local and environmental stories involving botanists, archives and communities. She concentrated on the Central Market of the city and its regular visitors. Street vendors, traders, university, researchers, immigrants, political refugees, native citizens, have all participated to the realization of two video interviews, answering to these two questions: “Why are you here?” and “Which is your favorite plant?”.

Jimmie Durham worked on his installation Practically Pinnacle. The title makes reference to architecture, in particular to one element, the “pinnacle”, which contributes to the stability of a building. At the same time, it creates the possibility of transforming into décor. A work that can “remind people of Luis Buñuel or a more elevated form of Marcel Duchamp” suggested by Durham.