Urban dystopia

Zirkumflex has welcomed an art installation and a limited series of risograph printed posters by Valère Mougeot from June 23 – July 7, 2017.


Paleo-graphic Studies.
September 30 / October 30, 2016

Grems took up a carte blanche invitation to make unrestricted use of the Zirkumflex space and culminating in a mural and a limited edition of printed illustrations.

Die Taube

Numinous posters in show.

Die Taube is a series of four different silkscreens printed on an offset picture. A white, dove look-alike pigeon, is been beaten and covered in layers of red ink, step by step.
by Julia Krahn

Edition "Die Taube", edition of 20, 59cm x 75cm
Edition “Die Taube”, Step 00, Step 01, Step 02, Step 04 © Julia Krahn 2013


Exhibitions and events about publishing

In a digital world, publishing becomes a playground and an experimentation field for artists and designers. Through a series of thematic chapters, Bookmark explores and questions the vast art publishing landscape, always exploring new points of view and different angles.

Degni di Nota

Design in Italy in critical times.

Curated by Gianmaria Sforza with Ali Fillipini
1 June – 18 July, 2011

Degni di Nota [1] as the first step of the Degni di nota touring project.

The project stems from a desire to know about the history of an object through the voice of those who conceived it, and trying to figure out and understand something of the design and of Italy today.

Stories & objects designed by:
Alfonso Cantafora, Esploratori dello Spazio, esterni with Jair Straschnow & Wouter Nieuwendjik], Francesco Faccin, Sonia Pedrazzini, Servomuto

Degni di nota. Design in Italy in critical times. Exhibition view. ©Laura Gianetti.
Exhibition view. © Laura Gianetti.
PANCA CIRCOLARE by esterni in collaboration with Patrick Hubmann. © Laura Gianetti.

Taste Statement

Taste Statement is an installation by Benoit Ménard. It is an anamorphosis obtained by spreading rat poison on the floor. By referring to mandalas or advertising logos painted on the grass of playing fields, the artist is out to compare the viewer with the Memento Mori.


Sausage life, a piece of life in drawings.

by Virassamy with Skunkfunk
8 July – 14 August 2010

Lebenswurst is a compendium of drawings by Virassamy. The title of the exhibition, is the contraction of two words: ‘Leben’, which means ‘life’, and ‘Wurst’, which means “sausage” in german.

Ja, Ich Will!

installation view Ja,Ich Will!, Herz Dein, 2010 (left), Herz Mein, 2010 (right) Julia Krahn. Photo: Laura Gianetti.


From funeral typography to a rebirth of initials.

Cnocession is a project presenting a sample of funeral typography from a French cemetery. A project by Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine (GUsto) combines typography and photography. It is a creation of an abecedarium made of letters handpicked from headstones and memorial brasses in the cemetery of Castillon-la-Bataille.

The result is a patchwork of graphic shapes, gravestone architectures and floral wreaths and decorations, exposing local habits and knowledge. ‘Cnocession’ depicts the relationship between people and remembrance, giving birth to a collection of the venerable component of classical publishing: the initial.