An Aleatory Process of Mountain Formation.

The light installation Orogenèse is a site-specific work by Brice Delarue and Valère Mougeot for our project space.

It marks the second episode in an ongoing period of experimentation into the resulting effect of large-scale paper light shading on the gallery space. This installation consists of aleatory shapes created through crumpling.

The genesis of Orogenese

Over time the ceiling was subject to considerable variations and became itself a subject of attention and an experimentation field for lighting installations.

Exhibition "Ja ich will!" by Julia Krahn 8 October – 12 November 2010 Photo: Laura Gianetti
Backstage of the installation "BotoxCloud" by Andrew Seskunas & SAQ 28 January – 26 February 2011.
Opening party of "BotoxCloud" by Andrew Seskunas & SAQ 28 January 2011. Photo Laura Gianetti
Earlier paper ceiling. Folded Paper by Brice Delarue, Valère Mougeot and Mark Berkers. 2013-2015
Opening of the exhibition "Help" by Virassamy 17 May 2013
"Die Taube" by Julia Krahn. 4 silkscreened posters displayed in the art room. January 2013
View of the exhibition "Rollentausch" by Nick Grossmann, June 2013