Exhibition "Ja ich will!" by Julia Krahn 8 October – 12 November 2010 Photo: Laura Gianetti

The genesis of Orogenese

Over time the ceiling was subject to considerable variations and became itself a subject of attention and an experimentation field for lighting installations.

Backstage of the installation "BotoxCloud" by Andrew Seskunas & SAQ 28 January – 26 February 2011.
Opening party of "BotoxCloud" by Andrew Seskunas & SAQ 28 January 2011. Photo Laura Gianetti
Earlier paper ceiling. Folded Paper by Brice Delarue, Valère Mougeot and Mark Berkers. 2013-2015
Opening of the exhibition "Help" by Virassamy 17 May 2013
"Die Taube" by Julia Krahn. 4 silkscreened posters displayed in the art room. January 2013
View of the exhibition "Rollentausch" by Nick Grossmann, June 2013


An Aleatory Process of Mountain Formation.

The light installation Orogenèse is a site-specific work by Brice Delarue and Valère Mougeot for our project space.

It marks the second episode in an ongoing period of experimentation into the resulting effect of large-scale paper light shading on the gallery space. This installation consists of aleatory shapes created through crumpling.