The last round-up

This spring, Zirkumflex studio is going to make a fresh start. It will continue through new publications and graphic productions, new forms of exhibitions and collaborations, but the Fontanestrasse space will definitely close its doors. The opportunity for us to invite you to a last round-up.

Dear friends and collaborators,

8 years ago, we opened in Berlin-Neukölln a space dedicated to the graphic arts, driven by the desire to create an independent design studio with free expression. An edifice feeding on collaborations, exhibitions, encounters and creations, built on the foundations of a strong friendship. A space shared for designers, and for all.

Our biggest challenge was to combine the discipline of a graphic design studio with the requirements of the exhibition production, without losing our freedom of tone or our personal ethics. Our ambition being to make coexist financed independent publications with ambitious curatorial projects.

We had to get new skills and savoir-faire to meet these requirements. Thanks to our experience in art direction, a lot of motivation, of passion and many encounters, Zirkumflex began to look like us: a story of friendship(s) coming to life in a place where design meets other forms of artistic expressions.

Publications of artists, exhibitions, drawings, music, creative collaborations… But also talks and debates with plastic artists, designers, photographers or friends, gave to our studio an original accent with heterogeneous, curious, and almost fortuitous sounds. A ‘zirkumflex’ accent whose graphic form reminds us of the roof of a house, hall of illustrations, images, vibrations, failures, little and great initiative that we suggest you (re)discovering a last time, this Friday, March 9th 2018 from 7pm.

Veni, vidi, vici & exivi. A long chapter ends up to open on a new one, coming soon.

The Art Book Shop Project

Books & Cocktails tonight.
Kunstverein Milano Opens the Art Book Shop Project in Milan, Italy.

New display cases

As an organic scale model of a city, full of secret drawers and manipulable items.
Discover our new wooden display cases designed by Julie Mons.


We have recently realized the visual identity and illustrations for our friends Baarebò. A smart street bar in Milan, Italy.
More pictures will be coming.

A.B.M.D. Opening

Pictures of the opening of the exhibition A.B.M.D. by Virginie Garnier on September 8, 2017.

A.B.M.D. by Virginie Garnier

Zirkumflex presents an exhibition of work by French artist Virginie Garnier.
September 8 / October 2017

The exhibition features some fragments of a project called A.B.M.D (All Beauty Must Die). The pieces shown at the Zirkumflex, such as a couple of large-scale drawings, are photorealistic representations of some characters who first, took their origin in her literary work.

Through writing, (the first stage of her work process) Garnier created along the years, a fictional narrative, taking shape here into an installation. Poetic representations of her wandering mind, borrowed images from her half awakened consciousness, strange quotations, or random mental images, are gathered, mixed, linked one to the other, to create a new world, another dimension, a « mise en scene », and in fine, an installation which offers a glimpse into her mind, and allows us to wonder and speculate on what is real and what is not.

Apart from the big-size drawings, the exhibition will also be showing a video, which is the first part of a larger project, introducing the characters of a young and mute man, interacting with a white dog. This anxiogenic scene, yet aesthetic, questions the transcription of the dream itself.
The different layers and angles of its narration, the approximation of the transcription of the original images and feelings created by a brain that turns into visual poetry, with its own aesthetic, recurrent items, heroes and symbolism.

Garnier’ s work can be seen as a collage, by integrating and mixing up truth and artifice, by leaving us on the edge between reality and illusion, by questioning the origin of its own personal imagery, or simply by showing its aesthetic qualities.

Much Less than Useless, Booklaunch

Pictures of the booklaunch at our space on July 13, 2017.

Federico Cavallini and Jimmie Duhram.
Federico Cavallini with the whole team of Kunstverein Milano.

Join us at Missread

Berlin Art Book Festival 2017
July 14th – 16th, 2017
Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Opening Hours:
Friday, July 14th from 5–9 pm
Saturday, July 15th from 12–7 pm
Sunday, July 16th from 12–7 pm

Opening Party: Friday, July 14th, 9pm till late

Poster by Karl Holmqvist.

Much Less than Useless

Kunstverein Milano and Zirkumflex present an artist’s book Much less than Useless by Federico Cavallini, with textual contributions by Jimmie Durham and Angelika Stepken. Published by KV Publishing.

Booklaunch accompanied by an exhibition opening on Thursday 13 July 2017 at Zirkumflex project space from 7 pm onwards. With an intervention by the artist. The exhibition remains on view from July 13 to August 4.

With the support of: Embassy of Italy, Berlin & Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Dystreet Opening

Pictures of the opening of the exhibition Dystreet by Valère Mougeot the 23 June 2017.

DYSTREET by Valère Mougeot

23 June to 07 July 2017

Opening Reception
Friday 23rd June 2017 from 7pm
Fontanestrasse 25 – 12049 Berlin

Zirkumflex welcomes Valère Mougeot as part of the 48 Stunden Neukölln for his first exhibition : «Dystreet».

He is a french visual artist and designer living in Berlin, born in 1988 and Master graduated from the Bordeaux Fine Art school in 2013.

Facebook event

The prefix « Dys » from the Ancient Greek, expresses the idea of difficulty, anomaly or bad conditions. These are pejorative terms which characterize a repertoire of disparate forms which hold the artist’s attention in his urban environment (street). Through techniques such as drawing and sculpture, Valère Mougeot uses a set of actions of trace, displacements and association to affirm what he calls a « recycling of signs ».

BERLIN RISOFEST - A Celebration of DIY Printing

Friday 5 may 2017 @ Urbanspree, Berlin

The Berlin Risofest is the first event to bring together the city’s top Risograph printers, artists and studios, in a day of exhibitions, workshops, performances, booklaunches and parties.

– A showcase of the work of:
Drucken3000 Risografie
Lucky Punch Press / Die Brueder
PogoBooks / Outer Space Press
We make it
Penthaus für schöne Formate / Kunst Werk Stadt Berlin
Riso Club Leipzig
Inkwell Press

– the launch (at long last) of the English version of the book RISOMANIA , a project by Vetro Editions , published by Niggli Verlag

GlueHeads #5 Zine release

GlueHeads is thrilled to launch is 5 issue at Zirkumflex the 15th April from 6 pm to 11pm. Before to leave for new horizon in few days Istanbul (Turkey), Tétouan (Morocco) & Tehran (Iran) come to a get to together for the launch of his new zine, around oriental food and music.

GlueHeads #5 features Bill Noir, Linda Werner / hitchhikeheart, Adrian Wylezol, Jean Leblanc, Rachael Jablo, Anelor Robin, Cédric Mantel, Clémentine Rettig, Maike Zimmermann

DJ Insultor (Le Petit Mignon, Staalplaat store) He will spin some records from Morocco, Turkey and Iran to give us a hint of next GlueHeads destination

GlueHeads is a wandering contemporary collage project. The core concept and process is: One Day, One Exhibition, One Zine.

GlueHeads #5 Zine release. Image: Roux Vincent.

✂A project curated by Anelor Robin She is a freelance curator/artist from France based in Berlin. She consider the exhibitions she have presented to be a massive collage of different artistic elements. Regardless of the assembled works origin, age, or medium, she consider it my obligation to always find the best possible permeation of artists and artworks. Collage, to her reasoning, is the base of all art and creation.

Facebook event

Eastanbul Westanbul, Babi Badalov

Last year we have designed the book EASTanbul WESTanbul by Babi Badalov. It documents the exhibition of the same name held at Carico Massimo in July 2015.

Eastanbul Westanbul, Babi Badalov, 2016
Eastanbul Westanbul, Babi Badalov, 2016
Eastanbul Westanbul, Babi Badalov, 2016

Un Autre Voodoo Boutique

We have recently realized the visual identity of our friends Un Autre Voodoo on the occasion of their new shop opening in Berlin Kreuzberg.


Watch your back!

Four illustrations end up as A5 cards and a limited edition of 50.

Printed on Riso GR 3750 on Munken print paper.
Colours: Teal, red and black.

Runes Opening

On Friday, September 30, 2016 the exhibition was celebrated with an opening night.

Catering by Crêpes Maman

Music by Grems, Léonard de Léonard, la Fraicheur & Unknown Radio

Runes by Grems

30 September / 30 October 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday 30 September 2016 from 7pm.
Zirkumflex – Fontanestrasse 25 – 12049 Berlin

Dj Set by Grems and Unknown Radio.
Food and drinks by Crêpes Maman Berlin.

With the exhibition “Runes”, Grems opens the first chapter in a series, taking up a carte blanche invitation to make unrestricted use of the Zirkumflex space and culminating in a mural and a limited edition collection of printed illustrations in collaboration between Grems and Zirkumflex.

Press release available here.

NSK Experience by Virassamy

NSK collection by Skunkfunk is a series of bags from an extremely durable fiber (water-resistant and totaly recyclable) called Tyvek. Virassamy was invited to customize a selection of two bags for an unique NSK experience.

Rock en seine 2016

Virassamy has just realised an illustration for the band Two Door Cinema Club for the Rock en Seine festival.

Maria Thereza Alves - Why here? / Jimmie Durham - Practically Pinnacle

Friday, 1 July from 7 pm.

Zirkumflex hosted a friendly meeting with the artists Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham to celebrate the release of the publications Why here? and Practically Pinnacle about the installations they have made in Livorno (Italy) in November / December of 2015.

We do things like this or like that

An overview of the printed projects we realized over the years.

The photo shooting was held in our space on May 2016 with the help of Caroline Fayette Blender&Co.

Collection of printed stuff. 2016

"Le Son de la Rue", a Rue de Plaisance's Exhibition in Art Factory Paris

Illustrations by Virassamy for the Rue de Plaisance exhibition in Paris, on March 22, 2016 at Arts Factory Galery.

Music: Potholes “Sweatshop Blues” Rue de Plaisance 020
Images: Alex Murak
Montage: Nicolas André

Millenaire 3

M3 is a magasine dealing with urban society and public action in the town of Lyon (France).
In the framework of two articles telling about social integration and civic implication, Zirkumflex have participated in illustrating the issue No 9.

Art Direction & Editorial design: trafik
Illustrations: Virassamy

Edition Printemps/ Été 2015


Swirl is a modular paper lampshades built from geometrical shapes of color.

Design and concept by Zirkumflex.


For frames addicted only.

Realization of the identity of the magazine Eyebook.

Logo design: Valère Mougeot
Publisher: M.C.S. snc

WU Magazine

Cover design for the issue #37 #68 of WU Magazine

Designed by Brice Delarue and Valere Mougeot.

Depth Sonar

Choko, in the heart of Barcelona, will be hosting this collaborative event, alongside sets from Rue de Plaisance’s artists and some very special guests… The Rue de Plaisance crew & Virassamy will all be on hand throughout the course of the evening.

Opening Reception, Friday 13th June from 14pm until 1am.

Carrer de les Jonqueres, 13
08003 Barcelona

Fellow Traveller

We have welcomed Kunstverein Milano and Michelangelo Consani

On the occasion of the VIII Berlin Biennale, we have celebrated our five-year collaboration with Kunstverein Milano.

Friday 30 May 2014

The Word Magazine's illustrations in Motto Berlin

To mark the release of their new edition, The Word Magazine is taking over the inner courtyard of Motto’s Berlin tomorrow, 27th of June, for a special event featuring an exhibition of 20 original works.

Opening Reception, Wednesday 27th June from 7pm.
Exhibition from 27th June until 6 July 2013.
with a concert by The Anna Thompsons & “The premiere of Manifest”, a short-movie directed by Lisa Lapierre exclusively for The Word Magazine.

Motto Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 68
10997 Berlin

Art Collage x Virassamy & Alan Doe

Promotional Clip for the collection Art Collage 2011 designed by Virassamy for the brand Skunkfunk.

Directed by Alan Doe & Virassamy
Drawings by Virassamy
Music by Alan Doe
Produced by Zirkumflex


BOTOXCLOUD By SAQ , Interactive Architecture installation & Paper Model Edition presented in the context of Berlin Transmediale

28.01 – 26.02.2011


Friday, 28th January 2011, 7 pm

+ Audio-visual Opening Event for DAS Weekend 2011 with :

DJ SET by Varoslav & Friends (Supplement facts / Rootz), Cheers Chris (ESP Institute / Luna Flicks), Johannes Maria Moser (Disco Tivoli / MNNS)
+ LIVE SET by Alan Doe

Visual of the invitation for the opening party of Botoxcloud


Friday 23th April 2010, Zirkumflex is introducing itself.

For this occasion, posters have been published, fifty of which are numbered and signed by hand.