Zirkumflex is a design studio and project platform in Berlin.

Founded by Brice Delarue and Cédric Virassamy in 2010, it is a flexible project space creating connections between design, art and cutting-edge visual culture. As a multi-shaped platform opened to collaborations, we aim at supporting, producing, and contributing to singular projects through the design voice and publishing means.

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Most contents © Zirkumflex 2016.

Take One Flyer / Methaphorai Art Today Association Art Direction, Book, Identity, Print, Poster 2020
Julia Gassen Psychotherapie Julia Gassen Psychotherapie Art Direction, Illustration, Web Design, Drawing 2020
Native Instruments Native Instruments Illustration 2018
Caaps Caaps Illustration 2018
Baarebò Baarebò Art Direction, Illustration, Installation 2017
Much Less than Useless Kunstverein Milano Art Direction, Book, Print 2017
Dystreet Valère Mougeot Art Direction, Drawing, Installation 2017
Dystreet Posters Valère Mougeot Illustration, Print, Poster 2017
Eastanbul Westanbul Carico Massimo Book, Print, Drawing 2017
Runes Grems Illustration, Drawing, Installation, Poster 2016
Runes Posters Grems Illustration, Print, Poster 2016
Il Nodo di Livorno Carico Massimo Book, Print 2016
Why Here ? / Practically Pinnacle Carico Massimo Book, Print 2016
SchönerHeit Julia Krahn Book, Photography 2016
Club Milano Virassamy Illustration 2016
Kunstverein Milano Kunstverein Milano Book, Identity, Print 2016
Magazine templates for Flipboard Flipboard Web Design 2015
Problemas del Momento en Nueve Estudios Breves Word+Moist Press Book, Print 2015
Tiempo Muerto Word+Moist Press Print 2015
Orogenèse Brice Delarue & Valère Mougeot Installation 2015
The Anarchist Doctrine Accessible to All Word+Moist Press Book, Print 2015
Il Franco Cacciatore Federico Cavallini for Kunstverein Publishing Book, Print 2015
Rue de Plaisance Virassamy Illustration, Drawing, Poster 2015
Taking Position: Identity Questioning FARE Book, Print 2015
Institut Français Deutschland Institut Français Deutschland Identity, Illustration, Print 2014
Wachstum Und/Oder Wohlstand Institut Français Deutschland Identity, Illustration, Print 2014
Die Taube Julia Krahn Photography, Poster 2013
Word Magazine Word magazine Illustration, Print, Drawing 2013
Perspektivwechsel Nick Grossmann Book, Photography 2013
HELP Virassamy & Rue de Plaissance Illustration, Drawing, Installation 2013
Handlungsbereitschaft Bublitz Book, Print 2012
The Caspian Depression. And a one straw revolution Kunstverein Publishing Book, Print 2012
Servomuto x Virassamy Servomuto Illustration, Drawing 2011
Botoxutopia Andrew Seskunas, Brice Delarue & Lea Delion Design, Installation 2011
I'm on your side Kunstverein Book, Print 2011
Bookmark Various artists Book, Print, Installation, Poster 2011
BotoxCloud Edition Drew Seskunas & SAQ Print, Design 2011
En Piste ! Domaine de Chamarande Book, Print, Poster 2011
BotoxCloud Andrew Seskunas for SAQ Design, Installation 2011
Degni di Nota Gianmaria Sforza Design, Installation 2011
Il Buon Vicino Kustverein Publishing Book, Print, Design 2011
Supplements Facts Virassamy Illustration, Print 2010
Taste Statement Benoit Ménard Installation 2010
Broka Billy Grems Book, Illustration 2010
Ja, Ich Will! Cards Julia Krahn Book, Print, Photography 2010
Art Collage x Virassamy Skunkfunk Illustration, Drawing 2010
Souvenir edition GUsto (Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine) Book, Print, Design 2010
Lebenswurst Virassamy & Skunkfunk Illustration, Print, Installation 2010
Ja, Ich Will! Julia Krahn Installation, Photography 2010
Mood Magazine Ventisei Editrice Art Direction, Identity, Print 2010
Minigraphie Terre en Vue Book, Print 2010
Cnocession GUsto (Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine) Design, Installation 2010
Reditus ad Futurum Benoit Ménard Book, Print 2010
Be a Beast Som Tee Illustration, Design, Drawing 2009