Exhibitions and events about publishing

In a digital world, publishing becomes a playground and an experimentation field for artists and designers. Through a series of thematic chapters, Bookmark explores and questions the vast art publishing landscape, always exploring new points of view and different angles.

Bookmark 1

A selection of Printed Matter.

Bookmark 1, a selection of Printed Matter is the first chapter of series of exhibitions and events about publishing intended to exist as a pop-up bookshop which provides the public the opportunity of discovering selected prints from artists and independent publishers works.

March 18 to May 20, 2011

Featuring publishers:
.DOC (Italy), 3 Fois par Jour (France), Archive Books (Germany/Italy), Éditions FP & CF (France), Ether Party (Rhodésie), French Fourch (Canada/France), The Green Box (Germany), Hotel of Things (Lithuania), Incertain Sens (France), Kunstverein (Milano) (Italy), POSTRmagazine (Belgium), Poursuite Editions (France), PWR Paper (Germany), Rawraw (Italy), Sainte-Machine (France ) and This is a Magazine (Italy).

A project by Zirkumflex
Curating and selection: Brice Delarue
Coordination: Hélène Rolland
Graphic Design: Zirkumflex

View of the exhibition. © Dellastrada

Bookmark 2

self-published posters

Bookmark 2, self-published posters, the second exhibition about publishing, is a selection of about 30 posters from all around Europe printed by their authors for an exclusive collaboration.

The project throws an uncharacteristic light on poster art, giving a large review of the contemporary and underground visual creation.

Bookmark 2 was punctuated with two temporary exhibitions.

July 8 to September 8, 2011.

Featured Artists:
Germany: Biografiktion, Bongoût, Nick Grossmann, Moritz Grünke, Till Hafenbrak, I like Birds, Susann Pönisch, Carla Stock France: Anef, Alexone, Pierre de Belgique, Raphaël Dufour, Bram Bram, Grems, Havec, Marion Jdanoff, Mathias Reynoird, Daniel Rough, Pauline Schleimer USA: Swill Children Switzerland: Giom, La grille, LowRider, Leto, Yvo Sean Belgium: Jurgen Maelfeyt Netherlands: Kustaa Saksi, Zeloot Spain: Javier Lozano, Sonsoles Lozano Finland: Laura Merz

A project by Zirkumflex
Selection: Cédric Bouvard
Coordination: Sara Lopez
Exhibition design: Brice Delarue


6 offset posters by Diego Fellay with Raphaël Garnier

July 29 – August 5.

Bookmark 2 hosted – as second temporary exhibition – WALL OF TOMORROW, from July 29 to August 5, six offset posters realised & presented by Diego Fellay at the Swiss Pavillon of Le Corbusier.

Swiss graphic designer Diego Fellay, in residence at the swiss Foundation, welcomes illustrators and photographs to recreate this forgotten mural with him. Six original posters will be produced and distributed, as well as 400 copies of each.


10 silkscreen printed posters by Mega

July 8 – 15

Bookmark 2 hosted – as the Bookmark’s inaugural event – LONGING TO BE KNOTTED TOGETHER, a temporary posters exhibition by Mega, from July 8, to July 15.