Take One Flyer / Methaphorai

Fragments of naratives through the city of Plovdiv

“Take one flyer” is an urban intervention that is part of Methaphorai exhibition’s visual communication strategy. The messages, marks and writings that people leave in the public space are perceptible accounts of everyday stories. They are above all testimonies to a plurality of expressions and a variety of forms that emerge in the public space. The intervention uses the vernacular codes of the street flyers (‘take one’ flyer) to disseminate fragments of information through the city. By blending into the hubbub of existing visual narratives, this informal communication becomes a vehicle of interactions with an inquisitive public.

Julia Gassen Psychotherapie

We produced lately the communication of Dipl. Psych. Julia Gassen. based in Berlin articulate with poetic watercolor drawings by Virassamy.

Illustration Virassamy

Native Instruments

Illustrations for Native Instruments and their product Traktor



Silkscreen printing for the clothing brand Caaps at the occasion of the exhibition Daam


Silkscreen 100×70 cm, 3 color.
Printed by colormakerz


I was walking down the street and my heart goes boom

Baarebò is a street bar in Milan for which we create the corporate identity, the illustrations and the exterior decoration taking Inspiration from the dreamlike world of Antonio Rubino.

Much Less than Useless

Le Je-ne-sais-quoi et le presque rien. *

Much less than Useless is an artist book by Federico Cavallini, with textual contributions by Jimmie Durham and Angelika Stepken. Published by KV Publishing.

It is a visual account in which the narrative slowly gets lost as one leafs through the pages; a voyage of images to be experienced as a visual drift along, unfinished or incomplete, works of art that are constantly mutating.

Dystreet Posters

Focus on normality, exploration of significant item

The Dystreet posters are a series of riso-prints by Valère Mougeot. They are part of a larger series of acrylics paintings of crumpled packagings scaled up.

"Mr.Tom", riso-print on Paper Munken Print 150 gr/m2, size 277 × 400 mm, tritone illustration (black, flat gold and red)
"Mars", riso-print on Paper Munken Print 150 gr/m2, size 277 × 400 mm, tritone illustration (black, flat gold and red)
"Erdnuß Locken", riso-print on Paper Munken Print 150 gr/m2, size 277 × 400 mm, duotone illustration (flat gold and green teal)

Runes Posters

Paleo-graphic Posters.

The Runes by Grems is the result of the collaboration between Zirkumflex and Grems in september 2016. This collection consists of four original limited duotone illustrations riso-printed in 50 copies and signed by the artist.

Poster 2 / Riso-print duotone on Paper Munken Print white 150 gr/m2. Illustration by Grems
Poster 1 / Riso-print duotone on Paper Munken Print white 150 gr/m2. Illustration by Grems
Poster 3 / Riso-print duotone on Paper Munken Print white 150 gr/m2. Illustration by Grems


Song of Songs in pictures.

The catalogue of the photography exhibition by Julia Krahn portrays the beauty of people with disabilities in a new light through an artistic lens and questions conventional ideals of beauty.

"SchönerHeit" by Julia Krahn, 2016.

Club Milano

Italian flair illustrated!

Club Milano is a bi-monthly free press magazine about lifestyle, fashion and design that tells stories of the city of Milan, Italy.

Cédric Virassamy illustrates an opinion piece since 2013 until 2015.

Club Milano Nr.32 March - April 2015
Club Milano Nr.25 March - April. 2015
Club Milano Nr.30 Jan.-Fev. 2016

Magazine templates for Flipboard

The beauty and ease of print on digital devices.

Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format application software for mobile devices.

Custom branded layouts are specifically designed for Flipboard Partners to make their content looks beautiful and legible like a printed magazine. Magazine lovers can take advantage of a real editorial design experience on tablets.

Since 2011 till now.

Magazine templates for Flipboard. Partners: Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Buzzfeed, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, CNET, CNN, Condé Nast, Elle, Fast Company, Financial Times, GQ, INC, Mashable, The New Yorker, Paris Match, Quartz, Rolex, Time Magazine, Vice Magazine, Vogue, Vox Media, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, 2013 til now

Problemas del Momento en Nueve Estudios Breves

Second volume of Word+Moist Press written in 1896 by Albert Kimsey Owen

Juan Pablo Macías has been bringing back from oblivion various writings and facts relating to anarchism. Problemas del Momento en Nueve Estudios Breves, his Spanish rendering of Albert Kimsey Owen’s Problems of the Hour in Nine Brief Studies, published in 1896. Late in the 19th century Owen founded a socialist colony in the town of Topolobampo, situated on the Pacific in western Mexico, not far from Los Mochis.


Tiempo Muerto

Dead time is like a movement in repose, rich in virtualities *

Tiempo Muerto (Dead Time) is an editorial project by Juan Pablo Macías made in collaboration with Zirkumflex.

This editorial activity is accompanied by diverse outputs in the form of art works, like documented situations, performances, installations, etc. The design takes inspiration from both traditional and venerable prints as XIX centurury publishing, early XX century newspaper or 70’ punk fanzines.

The Anarchist Doctrine Accessible to All

First volume of Word+Moist Press written in 1925 by José Oiticica – philologist, poet, anarchist.


Il Franco Cacciatore

A contemplative gathering where time transforms into a visual score.

Federico Cavallini collects leaves from a single tree since 2008.

Rue de Plaisance

Parisian music label aims at state-of-the-art design and keeping alive vinyl existence.

Setup in 2011 by Varoslav, the project brings together friends involved in art and music to promote electronic music, modestly trying to keep alive vinyl’s existence. As a complete art project, the label aims to present graphics and music matching label’s mood.

Collaboration since 2011 till now.

Taking Position: Identity Questioning

An open research platform that critically reflected on the Armenian and Italian contemporary art scenes.

By curators Aria Spinelli & Susanna Gyulamiryan For FARE

May 2013

Taking Positions: Identity Questioning is an artistic research project on the social functionality of practice and the construction of subjective cultural identities.

Institut Français Deutschland

All about french culture in Deutschland

The Institut Français is a French public organization for promoting French culture in Germany through artistic exchanges – performing arts, visual arts, architecture, diffusion of French books, film, technology and ideas.

Leaflet for the Patronage campaign of the Institut francais in Deutschland.

Word Magazine

A picture is worth a thousand words

THE WORD MAGAZINE is Belgium’s leading English-speaking free media platform, documenting and championing the best in neighbourhood living, music and art. Published every two months, the magazine is distributed in over 500 distribution points across the country.

Cédric Virassamy has illustrated articles since 2011 till 2013.


The publication Perspektivwechsel (Change of perspective in German) results from a photo workshop held by social organization “Pinel” in Berlin (Germany).


Willingness to act: sketch a generation to the end of the story.

The exhibition catalogue is composed of works and positions of young artists and maps a psychogram of today’s 20 and 30-year-olds.

Contrastingly, the fourth installment in the series results not from a kaleidoscopic perspective on this generation in its characteristically variable manifestation: but rather isolates – rooted in a concrete artistic position – a social problem through its ‘aesthestic opening’.

Produced by Bublitz

The Caspian Depression. And a one straw revolution

A book as an exorcism of the spirit of catastrophe.
By Michelangelo Consani

The monograph The Caspian Depression. And a one straw revolution grew out of the solo exhibition Ancora ancora la nave in porto at the CAMeC pianozero in La Spezia, and intends to bring together Michelangelo Consani’s three solo exhibitions held in the first half of 2011. The intention of this publication is to give visibility to the research on the global economic downturn, that Michelangelo Consani has been pursuing for several years.


Servomuto x Virassamy

A special collection of handmade lampshades.

A collaboration between Servomuto’s designers and the illustrator Virassamy.*

I'm on your side

A printed conversations on the introduction of a node into the cultural landscape of Milan (Italy)

An editorial project by Heman Chong and Kunstverein (Milano). Alongside the three essays and an introduction by Chong, three subjective visual selections “a floating world of images” are published. The images are taken from God Bless Diana, a series of over 500 photographs Chong produced between 2000-2004.

"I'm on your side", By Heman Chong for Kunstverein Publishing, 2011.

BotoxCloud Edition

Make a cut-and-fold BotoxCloud yourself. If you can.

Designed like a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, the print has been presented in conjunction with the gallery exhibit. The BotoxCloud edition is made of 2 abstract paper models which can be constructed individually or combined in various connections, both large and small, capturing and reflecting light like clouds.

En Piste !

Off you go! The circus world meets contemporary art in an exhibition catalog shape.

En piste ! (from French: “Get Started!”) is an exhibition catalog designed as a part of a group exhibition curated by Judith Quentel in the Domaine Départemental de Chamarande and commissioned by the Conseil Régional de l’Essone (France).

En Piste! poster

Il Buon Vicino

Magazine on Art, Territory and Politics

Il Buon Vicino (The Good Neighbour) is a publishing project that focusing on what passes through the local territory activates art practices as tools for analysis and knowledge of what the present societal forms. Il Buon Vicino was born from the homonymous art project, in the summer of 2011, which involved six artists from different geographical locations.

Supplements Facts

A series of hand/drawn vinyl cover of most upcoming musicians from French scene.

Yakine, "Maissade", Vinyl, 12", EP, 2009

Broka Billy

Broka billy is a book, Broka Billy is an album, Broka Billy is the new release of Grems. 17 tracks and 17 chapters wherein broken beat music meets the wild world of Grems. We had the pleasure of designing the editorial product.

Ja, Ich Will! Cards

Holy cards to keep away doubts and fears.

by Julia Krahn
A complement to the installation that took place in Zirkumflex, the edition “JA, ICH WILL!” is a collection of nine small cards inspired by holy cards.

Art Collage x Virassamy

Every year the spanish brand Skunkfunk invites an artist to produce a serie of t-shirts for his special collection Art Collage.

Souvenir edition

Souvenir edition by Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine (GUsto) brings to light the basis and creative processes of Cnocession project exhibited in Zirkumflex’s space, May 22 to June 19 2010.
It consists in a collection of letters extracted from headstones and memorial brasses from the cemetery of Castillon-la-Bataille (France).


Great paintings in small collection.

Minigraphies – Les Impressionnistes en Normandie – is a collection of eight thematic books about impressionist painters in Normandy.

"Minigraphies" Édition Terre en vue, 2011

Reditus ad Futurum

Twelve perforated graphic stories.
by Benoit Ménard

Reditus ad Futurum is an editorial project published by the artist-in-residence program Pollen in collaboration with Zirkumflex. Inspired by LSD blotter paper; made up of twelve printed and perforated sheets of papers within a folder.

Be a Beast

by Virassamy for Som Tee

Limited edition of hand screen-printed t-shirts for Som Tee.
Illustrations by French artist – Virassamy.