Supplements Facts

Taking off in 2007, Guy Gerber’s label Supplement Facts from Tel Aviv has become an essential addition to in any DJ’s checklist. With a focus on worldwide exposure, the label has offices in Israel, France, Switzerland, and Germany, with its ambassador Gerber touring the globe week in and week out. Music for the head and feet and with an artistic design for the head and eye, Gerber also takes pride in the visual aspect of the label. Expect artist albums and non electronic projects in the future of the label, as well as continuous singles from the label’s artists.

Coversof EPs:
- Yakine, Maissade
- Reshuffle vs Fabio Giannelli, Remove Tag
- dOP, The genius of the crowd
- David-k, Jaffa Night
- Varoslav, Inside Wavs
- Jona, Rise
- Gruber & Nuernberg Cross Winds

Yakine, "Maissade", Vinyl, 12", EP, 2009