Edition "Die Taube", edition of 20, 59cm x 75cm

Die Taube

Numinous posters

Die Taube is a series of four different silkscreens printed on an offset picture. A white, dove look-alike pigeon, is been beaten and covered in layers of red ink, step by step.

by Julia Krahn
Silk screen Printing : Zu Kalinowska

Edition “Die Taube”, Step 00, Step 01, Step 02, Step 04
20 copies
59cm x 75cm
printed in January 2013 in Berlin

Edition “Die Taube”, Step 00, Step 01, Step 02, Step 04 © Julia Krahn 2013


A project of Julia Krahn for Anna von Borries Stiftung
Design and Typesetting: Brice Delarue
Layout: Valère Mougeot

245×285 mm, 112 pp, hardback
Printed in Germany by Quensen Druck / May 2016
Edition: 1.000

Song of Songs in pictures.

Catalogue of the photography exhibition at St. Johannis Church, Göttingen, Germany. 19 May – 22 June 2016.

The internationally artist Julia Krahn began working on the portrait series SchönerHeit in 2013. The series focuses on twelve residents of an institution run by Diakovere Annastift —people with almost exclusively physical disabilities.

The project SchönerHeit portrays the beauty of people with disabilities in a new light through an artistic lens and questions conventional ideals of beauty.

"SchönerHeit" by Julia Krahn, 2016.