Il Buon Vicino

Publisher: Kustverein Publishing
Graphic Project: Zirkumflex
Editor: Alessandra Poggianti
Authors: Antonio Bertelli, Antonio d’Avossa, Pedro de Llano, Matteo Lucchetti, Juan Pablo Macías, Massimo Mazzone, Curzio Mugnai, Alessandra Poggianti, Pedro G. Romero, Marco Tagliafierro, Alessio Traversi, Andrea Wiarda.
Artists: CCH, Mauro Cerqueira, Pedro G. Romero, Dario Gentili, Helena Hladilova, Juan Pablo Macías.

Technical description:
Black & white · Size: A3 · Edition of 1000 · Printed in January 2012 by Tipografia Debatte, Livorno, Italy · Free press

Magazine on Art, Territory and Politics

Il Buon Vicino (The Good Neighbour) is a publishing project that focusing on what passes through the local territory activates art practices as tools for analysis and knowledge of what the present societal forms. Il Buon Vicino was born from the homonymous art project, in the summer of 2011, which involved six artists from different geographical locations.

Kunstverein Milano

Kunstverein Milano is an experimental platform for exhibitions, research and production of contemporary visual art.

Founded in 2010 by Katia Anguelova, Alessandra Poggianti and Andrea Wiarda.

Kunstverein Publishing is an independent collective Publishing house shared by Kunstvereins, Amsterdam, Milano and New York, founded in 2009 it has published over twenty titles, artist’s books, monographs, artistic projects and magazines.

We collaborated since 2010 till now for the design of books, identity and events communication. Here are presented a selection of projects we made.

Il Franco Cacciatore

A contemplative gathering where time transforms into a visual score.

Federico Cavallini collects leaves from a single tree since 2008.

Published by Kunstverein Publishing & Debatte Editore
Author: Federico Cavallini
Design: Brice Delarue & Marie Guirlet
Printing: Tipografia Debatte, Livorno
Edition: 800 copies

Fellow Traveller

We have welcomed Kunstverein Milano and Michelangelo Consani

On the occasion of the VIII Berlin Biennale, we have celebrated our five-year collaboration with Kunstverein Milano.

Friday 30 May 2014

The Caspian Depression. And a one straw revolution

By Michelangelo Consani

Curated by Michelangelo Consani and Matteo Lucchetti
Contributors: Paolo Emilio Antognoli, Serge Latouche, Matteo Lucchetti, Pieruigi Tazzi, Kunstverein (Milano)
Design by Mark Berkers & Brice Delarue
Published by Kunstverein (Publishing)

112 pages
14,5 × 21 cm
700 copies

Printed July 2012 by Tipografia e Casa editrice Debatte (Livorno)

A book as an exorcism of the spirit of catastrophe.

The monograph The Caspian Depression. And a one straw revolution grew out of the solo exhibition Ancora ancora la nave in porto at the CAMeC pianozero in La Spezia, and intends to bring together Michelangelo Consani’s three solo exhibitions held in the first half of 2011. The intention of this publication is to give visibility to the research on the global economic downturn, that Michelangelo Consani has been pursuing for several years, combining a specialized and seminal contribution by Serge Latouche with a comprehensive critical interpretation by critics and curators who have closely followed the recent work in question. The central chapter, documents the three exhibitions, while developing into an independent section that brings the three projects together into a single stream of images. Here, the artist’s research develops visually by treating the three exhibitions as parts of a single idea, starting with the Western world’s awareness of the depletion of fossil fuels, represented by Hubbert’s peak, and going on to investigate selected figures of a lesser-known history, who take on the significance of witnesses to an equal number of viable alternatives.

I'm on your side

A printed conversations on the introduction of a node into the cultural landscape of Milan (Italy)

By Heman Chong
For Kunstverein Publishing

Authors: Katia Anguelova, Heman Chong, Alessandra Poggianti,
Andrea Wiarda
Book design: Brice Delarue, zirkumflex
Cover: Heman Chong
Published by: Kunstverein Publishing / Gli Ori, February 2011

Edition: 600
Size: 11×17,5cm
Pages: 98
Language: English / Italian


A printed conversations on the introduction of a node into the cultural landscape of Milan (Italy)

An editorial project by Heman Chong and Kunstverein (Milano).

Presented in Milan in November 2010, the publication is understood as a compendium of the entire enterprise.
I’m On Your Side developed out of a series of conversations with the artists on the formation of Kunstverein. Upon invitation of the artists Alessandra Poggianti, Katia Anguelova and Andrea Wiarda, co-directors and founders of Kunstverein, contributed individual thoughts and reflections on the introduction of a node into the cultural landscape of Milan.

Alongside the three essays and an introduction by Chong, three subjective visual selections “a floating world of images” are published. The images are taken from God Bless Diana, a series of over 500 photographs Chong produced between 2000-2004.

We have strived to design and visually transcribe these conversations into an editorial shape.

"I'm on your side", By Heman Chong for Kunstverein Publishing, 2011.