A.B.M.D. by Virginie Garnier

Zirkumflex presents an exhibition of work by French artist Virginie Garnier.
September 8 / October 2017

The exhibition features some fragments of a project called A.B.M.D (All Beauty Must Die). The pieces shown at the Zirkumflex, such as a couple of large-scale drawings, are photorealistic representations of some characters who first, took their origin in her literary work.

Through writing, (the first stage of her work process) Garnier created along the years, a fictional narrative, taking shape here into an installation. Poetic representations of her wandering mind, borrowed images from her half awakened consciousness, strange quotations, or random mental images, are gathered, mixed, linked one to the other, to create a new world, another dimension, a « mise en scene », and in fine, an installation which offers a glimpse into her mind, and allows us to wonder and speculate on what is real and what is not.

Apart from the big-size drawings, the exhibition will also be showing a video, which is the first part of a larger project, introducing the characters of a young and mute man, interacting with a white dog. This anxiogenic scene, yet aesthetic, questions the transcription of the dream itself.
The different layers and angles of its narration, the approximation of the transcription of the original images and feelings created by a brain that turns into visual poetry, with its own aesthetic, recurrent items, heroes and symbolism.

Garnier’ s work can be seen as a collage, by integrating and mixing up truth and artifice, by leaving us on the edge between reality and illusion, by questioning the origin of its own personal imagery, or simply by showing its aesthetic qualities.