DYSTREET by Valère Mougeot

23 June to 07 July 2017

Opening Reception
Friday 23rd June 2017 from 7pm
Fontanestrasse 25 – 12049 Berlin

Zirkumflex welcomes Valère Mougeot as part of the 48 Stunden Neukölln for his first exhibition : «Dystreet».

He is a french visual artist and designer living in Berlin, born in 1988 and Master graduated from the Bordeaux Fine Art school in 2013.

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The prefix « Dys » from the Ancient Greek, expresses the idea of difficulty, anomaly or bad conditions. These are pejorative terms which characterize a repertoire of disparate forms which hold the artist’s attention in his urban environment (street). Through techniques such as drawing and sculpture, Valère Mougeot uses a set of actions of trace, displacements and association to affirm what he calls a « recycling of signs ».