Photography as a part of therapy; Perspective change by reverting roles.

A photography exhibition by Nick Grossmann in collaboration with Pinel Institute.

Artist: Nick Grossmann
Produced by Pinel gGmbH
Curated by Zirkumflex
Graphic Design: Valentine Antenni
Exhibition design: Brice Delarue & Nick Grossmann

Zirkumflex has exhibited selected works from a photo workshop held by social organization “Pinel”, whose main focus is on social integration of the mentally ill. At the same time a bound work has been shown for the first time in book form under the title Perspektivwechsel.

All pictures shown are took with a 80-year-old analog camera. The photo series and the concept “Perspective Change / Role Reversal” reinforce the view of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who I could be?’.

The entire project could be considered a constant and consciously experienced change of perspective for all participants, artists and photographers involved and has been created in an interplay between model and photographer.


The publication Perspektivwechsel (Change of perspective in German) results from a photo workshop held by social organization “Pinel” in Berlin (Germany).

By Nick Grossmann

The project gathers a large selection of analog photographies took during the workshop with the participants following two angles of self-perception: ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who I could be?’.

The book making process included a third level of self-perception by interacting with the participants and asking them to express with words their feeling when they looked at the final results.

The whole project gave birth to the exhibition Rollentausch in Zirkumflex (From June 14 to August 16 2013).

36 pages printed black and white on recycled paper, soft cover
Size: 15 × 21 cm
Run: 500 copies
Publisher: Pinel gGmbH & Zirkumflex

Printed in Italy by Debatte, june 2013