NSK Experience by Virassamy

NSK collection by Skunkfunk is a series of bags from an extremely durable fiber (water-resistant and totaly recyclable) called Tyvek. Virassamy was invited to customize a selection of two bags for an unique NSK experience.

Art Collage x Virassamy & Alan Doe

Promotional Clip for the collection Art Collage 2011 designed by Virassamy for the brand Skunkfunk.

Directed by Alan Doe & Virassamy
Drawings by Virassamy
Music by Alan Doe
Produced by Zirkumflex

Lebenswurst artworks

Artworks for the invitation and the communication items of the exhibition.

Art Collage x Virassamy

Every year the spanish brand Skunkfunk invites an artist to produce a serie of t-shirts for his special collection Art Collage.


Sausage life, a piece of life in drawings.

by Virassamy with Skunkfunk
8 July – 14 August 2010

Lebenswurst is a compendium of drawings by Virassamy. The title of the exhibition, is the contraction of two words: ‘Leben’, which means ‘life’, and ‘Wurst’, which means “sausage” in german.

Virassamy has shown a piece of life in drawings, an immersion through a universe both complex and sensible full of reality and legends, dreamlike characters and abstract worlds.

Is a constant coming and going between bitter daily experiences and utopian visions that finds a refuge on the paper. The use of medium like the ballpoint pens and stuff like ink-jet printer papers give birth to the incisive portrayals strewn with trenchant words and expressions.

The exhibition gathers a wide selection of unpublished works an recent works.

Technical description: ink on paper, wall painting

Drawings by Virassamy
In collaboration with: Skunkfunk
Coordination & Exhibition Design: Brice Delarue