HELP — Opening

17 May 2013

Rue de Plaisance

Parisian music label aims at state-of-the-art design and keeping alive vinyl existence.

Setup in 2011 by Varoslav, the project brings together friends involved in art and music to promote electronic music, modestly trying to keep alive vinyl’s existence. As a complete art project, the label aims to present graphics and music matching label’s mood.

Each vinyl release is limited to 300 pieces and comes together with a special artwork.

Collaboration from 2011 to currently.

Technical description: A3 and 30×30cm printed posters in transparent sleeve.


Are you afraid of the darkness?

by Virassamy
17 May – 7 June, 2013

Influenced, among others, by classic American horror comics and certain ‘Tales from the Crypt’-styled aesthetics, all label covers are individually hand-drawn with China ink. As clubbing happens at night, Virassamy and Rue de Plaisance’s artworks tend to lean closer and closer to the darkness.

Produced by Rue de Plaisance & Zirkumflex
Coordination & Press Relations: Amelie Mourgues, Marie Charlotte
Screen printing: Zu Kalinowska

Since the first release of Parisian music label Rue de Plaisance, Virassamy follows an original visual concept and stand out from the happy spirit usually associated with house music.

Amidst the dirge of the surrounding digital world, Rue de Plaisance aims to create physical output that you can feel and touch. This exhibition is an essence of the things we love to do: graphics and music.

Rue de Plaisance's Posters

Posters for Rue de Plaisance’s parties in clubs all around european capitals: Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona.