Degni di nota website

Degni di Nota 1: Trailer

Interviews by Gianmaria Sforza and Ali Filippini,
with Alfonso Cantafora, Lorenzo Castellini, Sonia Pedrazzini.
Produced by Zirkumflex
Footage by Housedada
Trailer edited by Francisco Saco

Degni di Nota 2: Trailer

executive producer: Gianmaria Sforza
filming & post-production: Omar Cristalli (TerraTremaFilm)
text editing: Savitri Ciavattini
graphic design: Alessia Tosini
music: Teengirl Fantasy – Portofino (Free Creative Commons)
in order of appearance:
Claude Marzotto
Alessandro Poli (Servomuto)
Francesca De Giorgi (Servomuto)
Francesco Faccin
Giovanna Latis

Degni di Nota

Curated by Gianmaria Sforza, in collaboration with Ali Filippini.

Coordination: Michele Canevese
Press & public relations: Brice Delarue
Graphic design: Zirkumflex, Sara Lopez
Video shooting: Housedada, Johanna Piechotta
Video editing (trailer): Francisco Saco
Photo: Laura Gianetti
Translation: Schawarz-Schmidlin, Johanna Schid-Lindner, Elisa Monte, Magali Auzier

There are good ideas outside of the usual circuit, and other ways of communicating by investing resources, not just economic ones, to make them circulate.
Over the course of one year, the project will be hosted in various European cities. The selection of objects on display will change and increase over time, together with the project.
In the video documents, the floor is given to the creators of these objects and to those who want to talk with them in and out of the hosting spaces.

Collect good stories to tell about Italy and design, saying it like it is in these difficult times, with the pleasure of further deepening our knowledge.
Stories & objects
Camera bike 5.1 by Alfonso Cantafora, Titta by Esploratori dello Spazio, Panchina Circolare by esterni with Jair Straschnow & Wouter Nieuwendjik], Tabolo Binario by Francesco Faccin, Le Morandine by Sonia Pedrazzini & Le Great Escape by Servomuto

Degni di nota. Design in Italy in critical times. Exhibition view. ©Laura Gianetti.
Exhibition view. © Laura Gianetti.
PANCA CIRCOLARE by esterni in collaboration with Patrick Hubmann. © Laura Gianetti.
Lampshade by Servomuto. © Laura Gianetti.
Lampshade by Servomuto. © Laura Gianetti.
Lampshade by Servomuto. © Laura Gianetti.